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Gradient Visuals owner Nathan Grayston on set with his camera.

Gradient Visuals is an imaginative content creation company specializing in video production & still photography.  We are based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

We are passionate about capturing beautiful images and telling engaging stories.  Whether it be script writing, shooting, or editing we'll do it all with a big smile...

Speaking of big smiles, this fella here is Nathan Grayston.  He's the founder of Gradient Visuals and your main guy on any project.  Nathan found his passion for film & photography through skateboarding nearly 10 years ago and he's been creating and learning ever since.  When he's not working for Gradient, he's making short films with his friends, spending time with family, or converting a big yellow bus into a house on wheels!

If you've got a project, send us a line!  We'll be happy to hear from you :)


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