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Service Packages

We offer a few different options for businesses looking for video production or photography services depending on how much content they want to create.

Per-Project Productions

This is the best option for clients who only need a few videos over the course of a year. We quote, plan and execute that specific project and then say “until next time!”. If you only need one video or photo shoot, this is the way to go.

Bundled Productions

This works really well for clients who need more than one video created, but don’t require constant access to our creative team. We’ll identify all the content we need to produce, then plan and schedule everything together into a single production to save costs. By bundling multiple video/photo projects together, we can share resources to increase efficiency. For example, we could use the same location and camera/lighting setup for a few different videos. It ensures that you’re making full use of each shoot day. Depending on the size and scope of each video, this could mean filming a bunch of small videos in a single day, or a few larger videos over the course of multiple consecutive days. Clients can easily reduce the cost of each video by as much as 25% compared to per-project productions.

Content Creation Agreement

A Content Creation Agreement is perfect for clients who need a consistent, ongoing supply of high-quality video production & photography. This is an agreement between a client & Gradient Visuals that gives the client discounted services in exchange for committing to a large amount of work. You can think of it as buying in bulk. We basically become your in-house creative team for a period of time. This comes with a number of excellent benefits:

  • Generate a large amount of content high-quality content

  • Get 1st priority access to our services

  • Develop a highly efficient working relationship

  • Save the cost/time of building a production team in-house (recruitment, wages, training, benefits, overhead, equipment, etc)

This is absolutely the most cost-effective way to produce content at scale without sacrificing quality. These types of agreements do require a significant commitment, but they also come with a hefty discount. We can offer between 20-40% off of our standard rates depending on the amount of work involved.

Here’s How it Works

No two agreements look exactly the same because we customize the terms to fit the needs of each client. However, they’re all built of the same stuff:

Target Workload

A pre-determined amount of projects/deliverables or hours of labour.


A length of time in which the workload is to be complete.


A discounted rate determined by the size of workload. The larger the commitment, the better the rate.

Grace Period

An extension of the timeframe that allows the client to use up any leftover deliverables/labour time left at the end of the term.

The goal is to create an agreement that's easy and flexible, so that we can focus on what’s important - creating amazing visuals for your business. We understand that things change, delays arise, and unexpected events occur. That’s why we’ll work with you to design a plan that can flow, change and grow at the same pace your business does.

Clients on this system typically produce between 20-75 projects per year ranging from quick photoshoots, to large productions that involve weeks of work. If you think a Content Creation Agreement might be a good fit, chances are you've got some questions... Have a look at our FAQ below and feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

We can tailor our approach to fit the needs of just about any business. Whether you're about to do your first video, or you need regular access to a skilled creative team, we're happy to help! Reach out to start the conversation today.


Content Creation Agreement FAQs

How do we know what we’re getting for our investment?

One of the first steps in setting up an agreement like this making a Production Plan. We’ll work together to create a list of all the projects you want to produce over the term, determine cost estimates for each one, and then start plugging them into a production calendar. This process sets clear expectations of total deliverables, project investment, and production pace. As we begin to tackle the workload, we stay transparent with regular communication and reporting on project progress & costs.

How do we determine the cost of each individual project?

How do we make sure we’re staying on budget?

What if I don't know exactly what kind of videos/photos I want?

What if we need more work than originally agreed upon?

What if we no longer need some of the content we planned to make?

What if we need new content that wasn't originally planned for?

What if we are unable to reach the target workload?

Are there any additional costs that aren’t included in the discounted rate?

What if the client has to cancel or reschedule a shoot?

How is this different from a retainer?

How does billing work?

How do you deliver/share files?

Do you keep backups of all the files?

Can we have the raw footage/photos?

Can you manage our social media/youtube channel/website?


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